Technology and Experience

November 26, 2015
Legacy Building and Design Inc. is a leading design and building firm in North Carolina. It was founded by Ray Hubbard, who has a wealth of experience in the field. Legacy Building and Design Inc. relies upon considerable experience amongst the staff as well as their ability to utilize innovative new technologies. In this way, they are both cutting edge and old fashioned. Legacy Building and Design Inc. has thrived because of the high quality services they provide to their clients at all times. They have consistently delivered well-built and beautiful homes all around North Carolina.

Ray Hubbard has always sought to provide a strong vision from Legacy Building and Design Inc. He knows that a strong vision and solid design plan creates good remodeling and new home projects. They convert good design ideas into real, beautiful, long-lasting homes for their clients. The company also insists on providing an all-inclusive warranty. This warranty honors their work for years after the tools have been put up and the money has changed hands. They offer a number of different warranties, including a four-year warranty on all remodeling projects and a ten-year warranty on any new construction projects.